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Alrighty, here it is. Me on the left is tough to swallow. Perhaps because there’s only 4 months difference between these photos. A “what-if” thought emerges. Where would I be if I didn’t make a change? I tried to change so many times before. I’d lose 10, gain 12. Repeat. Until Keto.

March 2018 on the left, and the end of July 2018 on the right. 40lbs down in 120 days following a lazy Keto "diet".

Some weeks I exercised 3 times. Other weeks 0. I’m a busy mom, and wish I could do it all. But, the eating component... I didn’t just do it. I thrived! Absolutely loved it even though I was initially scared to try. I had chicken & broccoli nights, sure. But I also had lasagna, Mexican dishes, pecan pie, cheesecake, homemade pizza on real cheese bread, and more fun recipes that I’ll make again and again.

I am a Keto Mama for life! I am maintaining my weight loss (well, most of it), while still eating a low-carb, high-fat, sugar-free diet that includes all my old favorite foods, just adapted in a way that makes my body feel great. 


Besides the weight, I was able to ditch a few more things I wasn't expecting. My anxiety medication = gone. My fibromyalgia pills = no more. I'm happy, healthy, & balanced. 🥑


I wanted to share, because sometimes it’s hard to start. I know better than anyone. My husband has since joined the Keto bandwagon, and it's been wonderful to gain a male's perspective towards using Keto for building strength. We are happy to help you get started on your own Keto journey! 

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